The Citizens’ Cabinet cordially invites you to a press conference on the State of Economic Emergency in the Country on Monday 14 January 2019 at 1000hrs at the Media Center, (2nd Floor Bothwell House, 66 Jason  Avenue, cnr First/Jason Moyo).


As citizens, we are alarmed by the lack of urgency and the evident incapacitation of the government to act and address the debilitating economic crisis. 

The idleness of the government in the face of so much pain by ordinary people amounts to abdication. As citizens we reject the fallacy that solutions cannot be found to relieve the people’s suffering. 

We are most concerned by the erosion of salaries and RTGS balances (teachers recently marched 275km to highlight this issue); sky rocketing prices of basic commoditiescrippling fuel shortages; and the mounting deaths at public hospitals due to the devastating health sector crisis that includes unavailability of essential medicines and the doctors’ strike.

 As citizens, we believe we have answers to these problems. During the press conference, we will lay out a series of demands for the government to implement, proffering specific measures that we believe can address the crisis.

We equally reiterate our call for an inclusive All Stakeholders National Dialogue on the State of Economic Emergency in the country to come up with solutions that work for all. The government must engage all stakeholders towards such a national solution.